aimeestuck: “nice computer you got here”

can i have it


Got another creepy and especially intriguing psychological game for you guys called Coma. 

You help Pete navigate through an unsettling subconscious world. 

No screamers, I promise.

Have fun!


England: “Fantastic. Cheerio, America.”
America: “Yeah. Fruit Loops to you, too, dude.”
Saying “like” all the time isn’t as bad as you think (via gallifreygal):
A new study from the University of Texas at Austin suggests that although many people frown upon so-called filler words (“Like” “I mean,” “you know,” “like,” “uh,” “um”), those who use them often are actually more likely to be thoughtful and deliberate.


For those who maybe haven’t visited the custom theme tumblr docs lately, they have a new link. Through GA Dash, they have a free tutorial series. They have it set up to help you make tumblr themes as well as websites. So now learning to make themes or coding is easier than ever. It teaches you in steps and you can “unlock skills”. The awesome part of it is it’s absolute free. Whether this is a ploy for tumblr/yahoo to get people to submit more custom made themes to theme garden or just to have more variety of user made themes, if you’ve ever wanted to make a theme but maybe long text tutorials seemed overwhelming this is another avenue to try.


OK Go’s new music video is 4 straight minutes of mind-blowing optical illusions

According to Rolling Stoneit took 50 takes to get the video just right — but all that hard work definitely paid off

Title: Sunlight
Artist: Bag Raiders
Album: Bag Raiders



I watched a girl delete her bible app to make room to take more videos of Panic! At the Disco at the concert last night.

this is gospel

It only costs $0.00 to keep it real